human rights claims

Protecting Your Rights: Human Rights Law

Human rights are the bedrock of a just society, ensuring that every individual is treated with dignity, fairness, and equality. These laws safeguard people from discrimination, harassment, and denial of essential rights based on their inherent characteristics, beliefs, or affiliations. Whether in the workplace, public services, or daily interactions, understanding and upholding human rights principles is fundamental to fostering inclusivity and social justice. 

human rights claims

Advocating for Equality

Standing Up Against Injustice

Human Rights Law serves as a shield against discrimination, harassment, and denial of accommodation based on personal attributes such as age, race, and disability. At MacIsaac & Company, we stand ready to address a wide range of human rights violations. Whether you’ve faced wrongful termination due to a disability, denied services based on sexual orientation, or experienced workplace harassment, we’re here to help.

In British Columbia, provincial, federal, and international human rights laws converge to protect individuals in various aspects of life. Under the BC Human Rights Code, discrimination is prohibited in employment, tenancy, public services, unions, property transactions, and publications. Similarly, the Canadian Human Rights Act extends protection to those employed by or receiving services from federal entities, First Nations Governments, or federally regulated companies.

With our expertise in navigating complex legal frameworks, we ensure that your rights are upheld and justice is served.

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