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Pedestrian accidents can result in severe injuries and emotional trauma. When negligence leads to harm, you deserve compensation and support to navigate the legal process. At MacIsaac & Company, we’re dedicated to advocating for pedestrian rights and securing the justice you deserve.

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Pedestrian Accident Advocacy: Your Path to Justice

Pedestrians navigate streets and highways, facing vulnerability when drivers fail to notice them. Laws govern these interactions, dictating rights and responsibilities for both parties. For instance, drivers must yield to pedestrians in marked or unmarked crosswalks, while pedestrians should yield to vehicles where no crosswalk exists. Drivers are obligated to exercise care and attention, adjusting speed or yielding to pedestrians to prevent danger. Consequently, even if pedestrians don’t adhere strictly to road rules, negligent drivers may be liable for resulting injuries.

If you’ve suffered a pedestrian injury, you may have legal recourse against the driver and vehicle owner, regardless of pedestrian compliance with road rules. At MacIsaac & Company, we’ve championed numerous pedestrian injury cases, ranging from minor soft tissue injuries to severe brain trauma.

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